Marketing Upgrade Instructions - Spring 2022

Featured Floorplan Listing


There is nothing you need to do – this is automatically taken care of by the online floorplan program.

Featured listings allow exhibitors to showcase their company and receive 30%–40% greater exposure on a floor plan. Featured listings:

  1. Are shown at the top of any matching search or category search

  2. Are formatted more prominently in the exhibitor list (bold and diamond icon)

  3. Have a richly formatted company details view


So, nothing more you need to do for that marketing upgrade.


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Floorplan Ad


As long as you have completed and uploaded your logo to your online profile, there is nothing you need to do – this is automatically taken care of by the online floorplan program.

Your logo will appear at the top of the online floorplan, and is a direct link to your booth location and profile.


Show Bag Insert


Each buyer receives a show bag when they enter the show. These bags are filled with samples and promotional materials from exhibitors, and the bags help buyers to gather all the sales materials and catalogs from their favorite exhibitors.


A good show bag insert will capture their attention. Product samples work the best but we know that can be cost prohibitive. If you cannot provide a sample, do a simple insert – like a postcard or rackcard – that advertises an awesome show special. Keep the design simple. Make sure prominence is given to your company name, booth number, product photos, and the show special. Don’t fill it up with a long story about your company or how you make the product – they won’t read it and besides, you can share that info with them when they get to your booth!

  1. Insert quantity needed: 2,000

  2. Ship to:

New England Made

Show Bag Insert

35 Storer Street

Saco, ME 04072

3. Inserts must be received by our office by Friday, March 4th, to be included in the show bags.

4. Any unused inserts will be returned to you at the show


Look Book (now a Buyer Preview Video)


The Look Book was a digital catalog that was used to promote the show to buyers in advance of the show. We have now switched to a Buyer Preview Video, which has proved to get a higher rate of engagement.


Many exhibitors have commented that they received orders and/or inquiries prior to the show, just from being seen in the Buyer Preview Video and the online digital guide. To see an example of the video:


Please complete your Buyer Preview Video submission by Friday, February 4th. The video will start being promoted to buyers during the week of February 14th. If you miss the deadline, we can add you in later, but you will miss the initial release. Complete your submission here:




You must complete your digital guide profile to be listed on our website.

Hyperlinks are added to your company listing in the online exhibitor listing. This listing is active for one year. Hyperlinks:

  1. Easily allow buyers to explore your company prior to the show

  2. Easily allow buyers to return to your company in the year following the show, especially if they can't quite remember your company name but remember your product/product category

  3. Give you SEO exposure through NEM's website


So, nothing more you need to do for that marketing upgrade.