Buyers now have the chance to review the floorplan and exhibitor information prior to the show via our Digital Show Guide!

The Digital Show Guide let's them explore exhibitors and plan their trip - it's an awesome new tool that markets exhibitors while providing a convenience for buyers.

Going forward, this will replace the traditional printed show guide. The printed show guide used a significant amount of energy, paper and packaging to produce. This is one small way we can make a positive difference.

Please make sure your digital show guide profile is complete by August 23rd, as this is when we will make it available publicly to buyers.

To do this:

1. Visit the online floorplan page

2. Click on your company's name or your booth #.

3. Click on the pen icon next to your company's address info.










A pop-up window will appear, asking if you would like your login info sent to the address on file. Click on 'Ok'


4. Follow the login instructions in the email to edit your company profile.

We will be preparing a printed, single-page, listing of exhibitors and the floorplan, to distribute to buyers at the show, but the Digital Show Guide will be how they access your complete company info.